Are you searching for the best solar company in Murrieta? A solar powered home generates its own solar electric energy and stores it. It only draws from the traditional grid power when it’s nighttime and during high demand periods. Solar electric power is a clean and green alternative to the traditional electricity, which is fossil fuel based. You’ll be attracted by the solar power’s ability to reduce your monthly energy bills for more than 30 years. That begs the question, how do you choose the best solar company for the installation job? Read on to find out questions to ask a potential solar power installation company.

To Determine The Credentials Of A Solar Power Installation Company in Murrieta, Remember To Ask:

How long have you been operating? A solar electric power installation company should have at least 2-5 years of experience in installing these systems. They should be around to back up their warranties in the future should any problems arise.

What is your customer rating? A reputable company should avail its rating on the Better Business Bureau or on their website. If it’s good, it will be posted everywhere.

Do you have the necessary licenses to be able to complete the installation? When looking for the best solar company near me Murrieta CA, you need to make sure it’s in compliance with federal law. The installer should have a valid state contractor’s license. In California, it means having both a C10 and C46 license. A company that has the B license only will not be able to interconnect you with the grid, meaning they will have to sub-contract the job.

Make sure you check their license number on your state’s website. Moreover, the solar installer should be NABCEP (The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners) certified, which is the highest level of solar certification.

To Check The Important Details About The Installation Of Your Solar Power System, Make Sure You Ask:

Who is the manufacturer of your solar panels and inverters? The solar panels will generate D/C energy, which will need to be inverted into A/C electricity for you to use it in your home. It means you need a reliable inverter and solar panels with a good warranty. Consider buying from namebrand manufacturers such as SMA America or GE energy. They provide you with longer warranties that include 25 years for their solar panels and 5-10 years for their inverters.

Do you use your own team members or subcontract jobs? A reputable company should use the services of its designers, engineers, installers and permit processors in order to provide the best service and accountability.

What does your bid include? Solar electric power installation bids vary greatly. Before you settle on the cheapest, make sure you know if it includes everything. The best solar power company in Murrieta should provide you with a bid that includes engineering your system, getting building permits and connecting the new system with the grid.

Check if the company will process your net metering paperwork and rebate. Firms that provide turnkey installation will take care of the entire details to ensure you enjoy a smooth installation process.

Make sure you ask all the above questions before signing any agreement with a solar power installation company. A reputable company will answer all your questions and provide you with proof of its claims.

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