Granite is a popular material when it comes to making kitchen surfaces. It’s durable and has a wide variety of colours which makes it easy to blend with different kitchen decors. However, its high quality, rarity and versatility make it quite expensive and not everyone can afford it. Therefore, if you have already installed or you are considering installing granite counter tops, it’s important to know how to choose the right type, installation and maintenance.

Choosing granite countertops

Your budget will determine the type of countertop you will install in your kitchen. There are different types of granite with different costs depending on their natural design pattern and uniqueness. A granite with an unrepeated colour pattern is the most expensive because of their uniqueness and design pattern.

After considering your budget, the second thing should be the substances used to treat the granite. Some substances can change the colour of your granite countertop after some time while others react with granite to form a cloudy appearance. Make sure that the substance used does not affect the granite to avoid deterioration. To make a sound decision, you can visit a granite countertop supplier in Murrieta to check available countertops and their reaction to different substances.

Granite colour is also a factor to consider because it should suit with your kitchen. Your choice can be determined by the colour of your kitchen walls, your preference etc. Finally, granite should be of high quality. A good granite countertop should not stain or darken fast when exposed to substances such as lemon juice because they have got a good sealant.

Installing granite countertops

To have the best granite countertops installation in Murrieta, it should be done by a professional. You should never attempt installing granite countertops yourself if you don’t have required skills and experience because you might end up doing it wrong or incurring further costs. When you buy countertops from a trusted supplier, the supplier can recommend a qualified contractor to help you with the installation. Alternatively, you can look for a professional to help you with the installation. You should check the countertops to ensure they are in good condition as they are being installed. This is important because stained or cracked countertops will not be installed.

Maintaining Granite countertops

After you’ve installed granite countertops in Murrieta, you need to maintain them so that they can last longer. The first thing you should do is sealing them to improve their appearance and prevent them from absorbing materials. Depending on the type of granite you’ve installed, your supplier should advise you on the type of sealant and the PH of cleaning materials you should use. Normally, granite countertops should be sealed and polished every three years. However, depending on the type of granite you’ve installed and how you use it, this period can change. Therefore, ask your supplier or installer how often the countertops should be polished.

Finally, you should avoid using your countertop as a chopping board because it deteriorates and stains. Not all granite countertops are sealed, some are quite dense and they don’t need a sealer.

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