Renovating your master bathroom is an essential way of treating yourself. Additionally, it may help you recover a significant amount of your investment when you decide to sell your house. According to a survey carried out around 2010 and 2011 by the Remodeling Magazine Cost Vs., homeowners living in the Western States may be able to recoup almost 80 % of the costs incurred when remodeling the shower room upon selling the home. This estimation was founded on significant bathroom remodeling projects in mid-range houses. With this, it is essential to put more effort into the remodeling project to get an impressive return on investment.

Numerous master bath upgrades can give your home that pleasurable look and even make prospective buyers stop and have a look at the house. Murrieta bathroom remodeling offers the best ideas that can give your shower room a charming look. The following are the top five options to consider when remodeling your bathroom.

Five Options for Bath Remodeling in Murrieta

Heated Floors

Nobody likes walking across the cold tile floor especially during the winter. Nonetheless, bath remodel in Murrieta has never been made easier than ever before thanks to the invention of the heating mat that is placed under the tiles. This mat ensures that the floor is warm, and you don’t have to wear your slippers. Consider asking the remodeling contractor about the various kinds available and select a thermostat that is mounted on wall for perfect seasonal adjustments.

Frameless Bathroom Enclosures

If you own a beautiful marble, granite or ceramic tile work in your tub or shower combination, you should consider showing it off alongside a frameless shower enclosure. Bath remodel designer in Murrieta will ensure that the frameless shower contain minimal metal to detract from the view. In most cases, only the hinges and door handle are metal, but the finish of these parts can be camouflaged the other plumbing appliances in the house.

Oversized Showers

If you want to upgrade your master bathroom, you need to incorporate large bathroom enclosures that can hold two individuals or just give a person sufficient room to stretch. Kitchen and bath remodel in Murrieta can be fun if multiple jets are added to give your enclosure a comfortable experience. You can even consider using the fiberglass shower pans which are available in various sizes. However, it is always advisable to seek help from the remodeling contractor about building a tile base.

Soaking Tubs

You should install a soaking tub if you need a prospective buyer to fall in love with the master shower room from the word go. The soaking tubs can be found in the same sizes as the common tubs, though they are much deeper. The typical height and length contained by the soaking tubs make them perfect for bath remodels.

Granite vanity Tops

The cultured marble vanity tops are still famous, but the granite tops can give your master shower room an unusual fashion. Granite tops can handle under-mount bowls and drop-in, but it is essential to know the spread on faucets before drilling any holes.

The above are some of the tips to consider when upgrading the master bathroom. However, during the actual remodeling project, you can ask your contractor to give you more options.