Is it time for a new car? It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement and head straight out to one of the many used car dealership Tupelo MS has to offer, to check out the latest deals. An auto is one of the biggest purchases you’ll make and it’s easy to be seduced by shiny new models and deals you’ll think you have to sign up to right away.

Much better to be prepared and informed before you set out, with these tips. Why not print them and take them with you. Car dealers have had a hard time of it financially and will be out to squeeze as much money out of you as they can. But they are also open to negotiation and a little bargaining. You are making a significant investment, and will want to get the best price you can.

Keep in mind that you’re looking to acquire an asset, not something that becomes a liability, as you tour the dealerships. There are other dealers to visit, and plenty more cars, if one deal is just not right for you.

There’s a right time of year to buy a car.

New models and model-year cars generally arrive later in the year, between August and November. Shop for cars during this season and you’ll have access to the latest models. You’ll also find great deals on the outgoing models they are replacing.

Don’t be pressured into an immediate decision.

Salesmen will be eager to make you decide right away, and will try to persuade you to make an instant commitment with special deals and one-offs. Don’t fall for that, there’s no need.

Ask salesmen about sales that are going on.

Many deals are unadvertised, or just not anywhere you’ve seen, or too new to have been publicized yet.

Look online.

The internet is a great place to find deals on cars, spending much less time and gas and avoiding any pushy sales people. It’s also a valuable way of educating yourself about the specifications of cars, and arming yourself with bargaining tools. If a better deal is available elsewhere in the country, a local dealer may match or beat it without you having to travel.

Don’t just accept the sticker price.

Be prepared to negotiate any car price. Decide how much you can afford for a car, and stick to it.

Go at quiet times.

Weekends are always busy times for car dealers, and you’ll get better service and salesmen more eager to do a deal if you visit them in the middle of the week.

Go at the end of the month.

Help the dealers make their sales goals, and go to buy a car when they are scrambling to meet them. The end of a quarter is also a good time.

Bring someone experienced with you.

You’ll be much more confident and avoid expensive errors, if you’re inexperienced, by taking a friend or relative who knows cars and is knowledgeable about buying them.

Take your time.

Again, it’s a major purchase and no deal is so good that it has to be taken there and then. Always go away and consider the cars you’ve driven before deciding. You don’t want to be talked into buying something you didn’t want or need.


Keep these tips in mind but remember it’s an exciting time. You may find you have more fun making the deal than the salesman does.